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I am a novelist, a short-story writer and a journalist. I live on Cape Breton Island. I like living here. I feel like I belong on an island.

Most of my early work is published under Mona Anderson, my married name. James “Jimmy” Clark Anderson was my husband. We moved to Cape Breton in 2008 when we retired. That’s where Jim was from. At Jim’s suggestion, I published my first novel under my own name, Mona Knight. He said to me one day, as we neared publication, “Maybe you’d like to put your own name on it?” Yes, I would I said. We had talked about names many times over the years. His name was important to him, and he knew mine was important to me too, one of the many things I love about James Clark Anderson. So my fiction is written under my own name, Mona Knight, but in the real world, I still go by Mona Anderson.  Thank you, Jim.

6 thoughts on “Home 

    Pat Fields bought them for me.
    You signed them and it makes me very happy when i see that.
    Looking so forward to the next one.
    Hopefully, some smart person sees them and turns them in to a mini series.
    Keep writing ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Just finished Banjo Flats, my husband bought it for me for Christmas. Never thought I would get into it because I’m not into reading Western style books. It was fantastic👌💐💐💐💐💐💐Great job.
    Cape Breton
    Whitney Pier ♥️

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