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My first novel, Banjo Flats, MONA KNIGHT - BANJO FLATS POSTER cropped Rconcerns a young woman orphaned at the age of thirteen. The year is 1873. Abandoned on the streets of Cheyenne, Wyoming, she masquerades as a boy to survive. Her mother taught her to read and write. Her father taught her how to handle guns. She’s got streets smarts and is a crack shot which lands her in a heap of trouble after killing a notorious gunfighter the day she arrives in Banjo Flats, the most lawless town in the Dakota Territory.  It’s a time when frontier justice is wielded with a gun. Every shootist in the Territory is headed for Banjo Flats thinking they can earn some easy money by killing the girl gunslinger. They’re wrong.


OR you can buy a signed copy directly from me. Send me an email on my CONTACT page with your name and mailing address.

Tell me how you would like your copy inscribed and I will send you an e-mail address so you can E-Transfer your payment. The PRICE is $25.00 which includes shipping within Canada. Shipping to other countries would be calculated individually. Thanks a lot.

Here is a video trailer for the book, created by Boularderie Island Press, my publisher.

And, here is a sound recording of me reading the opening chapter.

Here’s an article from The Chronicle Herald on Banjo Flats, shortly after it’s release.

Banjo Flats is also available in Chapters/Indigo stores across Nova Scotia. Locally (in Cape Breton) you can find copies at The Herring Choker Deli and The Red Barn Gift Shop in Nyanza, Victoria County Creates in Baddeck, and the Curiosity Shop, in Sydney.

Here’s a photo of a display I built, based on Banjo Flats, for the Lumière Arts Festival 2017 in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Light Festival 2017 2

And a composite shot of our book launch in Baddeck at our local Library. I set up the Banjo Flats display again just for fun.

Library display book launch 10 13

My lovely friend Laverne, bottom right, checks on my blood pressure. Lots of excitement on this night.

Here’s a shot from earlier in the evening when I read for my guests. We had a packed house. Thanks everyone for making this such an amazing evening. It was my birthday 🙂

Mona (2)