My Books

My first novel, Banjo Flats, MONA KNIGHT - BANJO FLATS POSTER cropped Rconcerns a young woman orphaned at the age of thirteen. The year is 1873. Abandoned on the streets of Cheyenne, Wyoming, she masquerades as a boy to survive. Her mother taught her to read and write. Her father taught her how to handle guns. She’s got street smarts and is a crack shot which lands her in a heap of trouble after killing a notorious gunfighter the day she arrives in Banjo Flats, the most lawless town in the Dakota Territory.  It’s a time when frontier justice is wielded with a gun. Every shootist in the Territory is headed for Banjo Flats thinking they can earn some easy money by killing the girl gunslinger. They’re wrong.

Here is a video trailer for Banjo Flats.

And, here is a recording of me reading the opening chapter.

My second novel is titled Second Chance and is the sequel to Banjo Flats

Fortune returns home to Banjo Flats in the Dakota Territory where she earned her reputation as a “shoot first, ask questions later” kind of gunfighter. She agrees to accompany the federal marshal to Deadwood to bring back a notorious outlaw, but life gets complicated when she rescues a pair of young orphaned brothers along the road. While in Deadwood she picks up the trail of a lost gold shipment and is forced to confront a dark memory from her past and settle a long-standing score with the cold-blooded Mose Horn.

Here is a video trailer for Second Chance.

Both books are available directly online from our publisher Boularderie Island Press.

Banjo Flats & Second Chance are also available locally (in Cape Breton) at The Herring Choker Deli in Nyanza, The Red Barn Restaurant & Gift Shop also in Nyanza, and The Flying Kite in Baddeck.

2022 is the 10th Anniversary of our publisher Boularderie Island Press. Here’s a great little video trailer in celebration of this auspicious occasion. Congratulations and many thanks.